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Gymnázium Kladno (The Grammar School of Kladno) is situated in the Central Bohemian region in the industrial town of Kladno only 20 km away from the capital city Prague. The school was built in Art Nouveau style in the centre of the town. It is a state school that prepares students for continuing study at all types of universities and colleges.

Natural science and humanities classes are held in specialized classrooms and laboratories. Information technology classrooms enable students to work on computers with a wide variety of hardware and software applications. The whole computer network is connected to the Internet. The school has two gyms and a sport ground in the yard. Students can also use a library and a study room.


The tradition of this school is quite long. Its beginnings go back to November 1899 when imperial and royal Ministry of Education and Culture authorized Kladno to estabilish a grammar school using Czech as the language of study.


Studies are organized into two types.

  1. Four-year general studies for pupils who completed the nine-year Basic School (aged 15-19).
  2. Eight-year general studies for pupils of 5th forms of the Basic School (aged 12-19)

All applicants take standard written entrance examinations in mathematics, Czech language and general study abilities.

Both forms of studies are determined by a graduation examination in Czech language, a foreign language (either English, German, French or Russian) and two additional subjects chosen by the students.


The school curriculum consists of standard compulsory subjects (Czech, foreign languages, mathematics, etc.) and optional subjects (see supplements). The organization of teaching foreign languages and optional subjects depends on the possibilities of the school and on the majority of the student’s choices. Students take two optional subjects in year 3 (or 7), and they choose another one in the following year. The offer ranges from seminars preparing students for Cambridge First Certificate examination, specialised subjects based on both science and humanities subjects, programming, to accountancy, administration studies etc.

All subjects are taught by experienced and fully qualified teachers. English seminars and voluntary conversation classes are taught mainly by native speakers.

Special study courses which are included in each year of the curriculum are held at different venues outside the school building and the town of Kladno. It is the introductory and welcome course at the beginning of year 1, followed by a ski course in winter, then a summer sports course, course in practical biology and enviromental studies and finally an intensive language course.


Our Gymnázium participates in the UNESCO programme in the field of the protection of the natural environment. It organizes excursions and trips complementing its curriculum, and prepares special lectures on current issues in both our region and the world.

Our school organizes trips to theatres, supports activities in choirs, the PC department, the natural sciences club and sports (e.g. volleyball, gymnastics and table tennis). Talented students present their skills in traditional Christmas concerts and the drama club.

Every year our students represent the school successfully in both regional and national contests. The best of them have even succeeded in international contests and won homestay visits to Britain or the USA.

However, the most important criterion for the assessement of our graduates has been their ability to assert themselves in higher education and the labour market. In fact, the number of our students admitted to universities has increased to 90%. Thus our school won the IES Certificate in the school year 2004/2005.


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